20:45 PM

Who Finances the Candidates? Part 1

Revisiting a recurring theme, it's time to examine some more data from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), specifically revolving around the 2016 US presidential campaign cycle. Our goal is to shine a light on which political committees are donating to the campaigns of the various candidates, and to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of campaign finance. Using Gephi and Sigma.js as my platforms, I've built a highly interactive network to facilitate further exploration of the contribution patterns covering a period from January 2015 through February 2016. This type of network is commonly known as bipartite, wherein there are two main categories that connect to each other, but not to their own type. Here we will have committees and candidates connected, but not committee to committee or candidate to candidate.

In this piece, we'll view selected patterns within the network that I find of particular interest, leaving the rest for you the reader to explore further. This article's focus will be on the Democratic contenders, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Let's start with a snapshot of the entire network, with the candidates depicted in blue (Democrat) or red (Republican) shades:

full network

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